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What is a Rainbow Baby

The term means a baby conceived after a stillbirth or miscarriage. It describes the hope you feel when you see a rainbow after a storm.

What is a Rainbow Baby
What is a Rainbow Baby
Rainbow Baby
Rainbow Baby

Miscarriages are a sad, but unfortunately very common episode on the way to the desired child. The loss of a pregnancy can be devastating – also because the fear can arise that it will not work out with a new pregnancy. However, the majority of all women get pregnant again without any problems after a miscarriage.

Miscarriage is a sad topic that prospective parents, unfortunately, sometimes have to deal with. All the happier you will be if you can get pregnant again and give birth to your child safe and sound. This child is then called the rainbow child.

Many women or parents need time for themselves after a miscarriage in order to be able to process the painful loss. You can only imagine a new pregnancy after a long time, when the wounds have at least partially healed again.
But for others, after a miscarriage, it may also be that they try to get pregnant again as soon as possible in order to finally fulfill their desire to have children.
When you become pregnant with your rainbow baby, you realize that a healthy pregnancy is no longer a matter of course for you. This can cause deep gratitude and humility in you as well as negative feelings such as fear, worries that something will go wrong again or feelings of guilt towards your star child.
In the best case, get professional help right at the beginning of pregnancy. Good paediatricians or gynaecologists are important for your medical care, but midwives or psychologists may also be necessary, so that you are also well looked after psychologically.
It may take up to a year for you to get pregnant again after a miscarriage. This period of time is considered normal by experts. If you are still unsure, talk to your doctor about your concerns. He will most likely know if and when further steps need to be taken.

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