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What is a Polygon

What is a simple definition for polygon?

The name “polygon” comes from the Greek. “Poly” means “a lot”. Therefore, the polygon is also called a polygon or n-corner and is a collective term for various geometric figures with different numbers of corners. In the English-language specialized literature, it is called n-gon, where “n” defines the number of vertices and is any natural number.

What is a Polygon
What is a Polygon

There are several ways to distinguish polygons. The most common is the distinction according to the number of corners. A polygon in the true sense only arises when the number of vertices is at least “3”. Special shapes are the zero leak, which is practically nothing, the one corner, which corresponds to a point, and the two corners, which can be visualized with a straight line. Triangles and quadrilaterals are probably the most well-known polygons.

Furthermore, there is the distinction between so-called “simple” and “complex” polygons. In the former, the lines must not intersect, while in the complex polygons, the lines must intersect.

One can also distinguish between regular and irregular shapes. For regular polygons, all angles are equal in size, and the sides are equally long. A square or an isosceles triangle are simple examples of regular polygons.

A polygon with an indentation is a so-called “convex n-corner”. The internal angle here is greater than 180 degrees. If an n-corner is not embedded, it is concave.

Polygons (polygons) are closed flat stretches (polygons) of finitely many stretches. A polygon is a plane figure bounded by stretches, such as a triangle, quadrilateral, pentagon, hexagon, etc.

In elementary geometry, a polygon (from ancient Greek πολυγώνιον polyg.nion ‘polygon’; from πολύς polýs ‘a lot’ and γωνία gōnía ‘angle’) or polygon is a flat geometric figure formed by a closed line.

A polygon is a two-dimensional polytope.

A polygon is obtained by connecting at least three different (non-collinear) points in a drawing plane by stretching them together. This results in a closed line (polygon line) with as many corners, for example a triangle (3 points, 3 lines) or a quadrilateral (4 points, 4 lines).

The enclosed area is often also referred to as a polygon, as in planimetry.

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