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What is a Narcissistic

We read about narcissists more and more often. But what is a narcissist? Find out what the personality disorder is and why it can be dangerous.
What is a narcissist? Typical identification features
Narcissistic – many of us equate this with “self-loving”. In fact, there is much more behind the term, because narcissism is a diagnosable personality disorder. It leads to the fact that those affected have an inflated self-image and put their own needs and desires above the well-being of others.

What is a Narcissistic
What is a Narcissistic

What is a narcissist? In order to clearly identify narcissism, it actually takes a psychologist or a psychologist. The specialist goes through a list (the so-called DSM–5) with certain clinical criteria – at least five of which must be true in order to be able to diagnose narcissistic personality disorder.

These are some of the scientific criteria:

A grandiose sense of one’s own importance
The desire for unconditional admiration
The idealization of one’s own person
A lack of empathy
Envy towards others and the feeling that others envy you yourself
The conviction of being special and unique
Fantasies of limitless success, power or beauty

Narcissistic personality disorder is characterized by an extreme need for attention and recognition. Behind the often self-loving or arrogant appearance are usually pain and suffering – and a basically weak self-esteem. Read everything important about Narcissistic Personality Disorder here: Causes, symptoms, diagnosis and Treatment!

When people present themselves as very self-absorbed and always look for mistakes in others instead of in themselves, the term “narcissism” quickly falls. But what is a narcissist?

People with a narcissistic personality have an extreme need for attention, recognition and admiration. Often they stand out due to arrogance and self-idealization. They do not tolerate criticism, and failure can plunge them into serious crises. However, narcissistic individuals have difficulty empathizing with other people and often behave condescendingly towards others. Dealing with narcissists is therefore very challenging.

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