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What is a Migraine

Migraine is a disease of the brain that is not completely curable, but is well treatable. During a migraine attack, sudden, moderate to very severe headaches usually occur on one side – often with accompanying symptoms.

What is a Migraine
What is a Migraine

Migraine occurs at any age, with an accumulation between puberty and the fiftieth year of life. The headache attacks that occur in this case can differ greatly from each other in terms of severity and duration. Migraine is one of the most common types of headache and one of the most common neurological diseases worldwide.

The trigger mechanism of migraine is not exactly known. There may be a genetic predisposition. It is believed that there is an altered brain activity – starting from the brain stem. As a result, there are malfunctions in the functioning of nerve cells, the cerebral vessels dilate and become inflamed. So-called triggers are suspected of being able to trigger migraine attacks. These triggers are very different for each individual, and they include alcohol, stress or hormonal fluctuations. Food is often suspected of being a trigger. However, there is currently no scientifically substantiated evidence for this assumption.

Gender differences
While the gender distribution of migraines is approximately the same until puberty, this changes from puberty. Since the interplay of hormones is a trigger for migraines, women of childbearing age are about three times more likely to be affected by migraines than men, only twice as often after menopause.

What symptoms can occur with migraine?
With migraine, there is a moderate to severe headache (pulsating, throbbing or pounding) most often on one side of the head, which worsens with movement. Concomitant nausea, vomiting, hypersensitivity to odors, tearing of the eyes or dizziness may occur. Sufferers are also sensitive to light and noise during migraine attacks. Also, a so-called aura can appear before the onset of headaches. In this case, among other things, to see flashes of light, speech or emotional disorders occur. A migraine attack usually takes place in phases and lasts between four and 72 hours if untreated.

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