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What is a Lunar Eclipse

A lunar eclipse is an astronomical event in which the Moon is temporarily obscured. This happens because the Earth is then located exactly between the Moon and the Sun. The sun irradiates the Earth, which then casts a shadow on the moon. As a result, the moon is no longer brightly illuminated by the sun.

What is a Lunar Eclipse
What is a Lunar Eclipse
Lunar Eclipse
Lunar Eclipse

A lunar eclipse occurs exclusively during the full moon, that is, when the Earth is between the Moon and the Sun. If the three celestial bodies are located exactly on one line, the Moon enters the shadow of the Earth and can not be further irradiated by sunlight. So he darkens.

During a lunar eclipse, the full moon becomes so dark that you can hardly see it anymore or not at all. This is because the Earth casts its shadow on the moon. To do this, the Sun, the Earth and the Moon must lie on one line. Then the moon is completely or only partially in the shadow.

Photos were taken here again and again during a lunar eclipse. You can clearly see how the Earth’s shadow slides over the Moon from top to bottom if you look at the pictures from top left to right.
In the whole world, a lunar eclipse occurs only about 150 times a century. So it is something special when you can observe such a lunar eclipse. In contrast to the solar eclipse, a lunar eclipse can be safely viewed with the naked eye and does not need special glasses. If the moon is completely obscured by the Earth’s shadow, it is called a total lunar eclipse. But if only a part of the moon is covered by the Earth’s shadow, then the eclipse is called partial or “partial”.

If the full moon is in the shadow of the Earth, it will be darker there, but the lunar surface is still easy to see. This is different from the increasing or decreasing moon. Then the dark places are not illuminated at all and completely dark, so we do not see them in the night sky.

If an astronaut were on the surface of the Moon during a lunar eclipse, then he would see how the Sun temporarily disappears behind the Earth. Then, of course, it will darken on the moon.

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