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What is a Dependent Variable

A dependent variable is the characteristic measured in a study or experiment that can be changed by the independent variable.

What is a Dependent Variable
What is a Dependent Variable
Dependent Variable
Dependent Variable

2 Example
Within a clinical study, the effectiveness of a new antihypertensive drug (independent variable) on the blood pressure of hypertensive patients (dependent variable) is investigated.

An independent variable is a variable that represents a set that is manipulated in an experiment.
Often, xxx is used to represent the independent variable in an equation.
You do household chores to earn your pocket money. For every task you complete, you earn 3\,€3€3, €.
What is the independent variable?
The independent variable is the number of tasks you complete, because this is the variable you can influence.

Because in this video I will briefly but precisely explain to you what the difference between dependent and independent variables is and what function they perform for your quantitative research design. If you still feel like it, I’ll go a little deeper and explain to you why this designation of the variables is often not correct in the context of survey studies and other methods and how to describe them correctly.

In order to test the truth of hypotheses in a quantitative research design, you must first determine the variables of this hypothesis and make sure that you can measure them.

As the name suggests, variables can change.

They can experience various forms of change, e.g. a human behavior such as the tendency to reach for organic fruit in the supermarket.

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