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What is a CRM

CRM, or customer relationship management, refers to a strategy for systematically shaping the relationships and interactions of an organization with existing and potential customers. A CRM system helps companies to stay connected with their customers, optimize processes and increase profitability.

What is a CRM
What is a CRM

When we talk about CRM, we usually mean a CRM system, a tool that is used for contact management, sales management, productivity improvement and much more. The purpose of a CRM system is simple: it’s about improving business relationships. CRM solutions help companies manage their customer relationships with every single interaction with every department, whether marketing, sales, e-commerce or customer service.

Customer relationship management describes the entrepreneurial approach of not leaving the relationship with customers and prospects to chance, but actively shaping it.

Or as it says in the CRM definition of Wikipedia:

“(…) the consistent orientation of a company to its customers and the systematic design of customer relationship processes.”

The aim is to ensure individual and personal communication as well as good service, even with high customer numbers. So it’s not just about the CRM software, but about the entire philosophy. Specifically, this applies above all to sales, marketing and support.

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