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What is a Cover Letter

The cover letter is the first page of the application documents, which is structured like a formal letter and provides information about the motivation and background of an applicant.

The cover letter is mainly assigned to the application process and summarizes the most important information of a job applicant. With the cover letter, he not only presents his previous professional experience, but also tries to convince the employer through clear and structured facts that he has just the application of the ideal candidate by active sourcing in front of him.

What is a Cover Letter
What is a Cover Letter
Cover Letter
Cover Letter

As in the case of a formal letter, the address of the applicant, the company to which he applies and the date of sending are located in the header of the cover letter. Now the wording of a subject line follows, for example: ā€¯Application for a job as a painter at Naumann & Sohn”.

The cover letter is the core of your application and usually the first letter that the HR manager will see. It should give a first impression, justify why you are applying for the position or training and also respond to the job advertisement. Alternatively, it is also referred to as an “application letter”.

Purpose of a cover letter
With the cover letter you apply for a job in written form. While the CV is all about you and your experiences, the cover letter is a kind of bridge between your person and the potential employer. The difficulty for many applicants lies in both meeting the officially customary form requirements and at the same time giving the letter a personal, perhaps also creative touch in order to stand out from the other applicants.

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