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What is a Bibliography

A bibliography can, for example, list books (monographs), articles from collected works, journal articles, grey literature (e.g. conference reports or annual reports of institutions) or other types of writing or be limited to one or a few of these types of writing. It usually has a focus, e.g. the publications of an author, a subject area, a topic, a region, a language. As a rule, self-published publications are usually referred to as bibliography, which appear at regular intervals, similar to a journal. Sometimes an extensive bibliography of a scientific work is also referred to as a bibliography.

What is a Bibliography
What is a Bibliography

Two meanings are common for the term Bibliographieren in German:

the verification of existing literature references on the basis of bibliographies,
searching for literature on a topic on the basis of bibliographies and also on the basis of other materials, as well as noting the bibliographic details of these found references. The literature search for a study paper or a paper belongs, for example, to this meaning of the term “Bibliographieren”.
As databases increasingly take over the tasks of bibliographies, the activity of bibliographing increasingly extends to such databases. One therefore increasingly speaks of researching instead of bibliographing.

Hello everyone, I have to submit an exposé, a bibliography and a source summary as a preliminary payment for my term paper. I am aware of the exposé so far. I would like to know what exactly is meant by bibliography and source summary.

A bibliography can be defined as a list of sources such as books and scientific articles that can be found in scientific articles. This usually appears at the end of such documents. As a result, a bibliography is something that can be found in almost every research paper. Whether it is a dissertation, a journal or an educational publication, a bibliography with the various sources from which the information comes is located at the end of the document.

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