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What day is Mother’s Day

What day is Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day is always held on the 2nd Sunday of May of a year and is an unofficial holiday in honor of the achievements of mothers. Due to the fact that it is set for the 2nd Sunday of May, the earliest date for the feast day is May 8 and the latest is May 14 of a year. It is not a holiday established by law, but a cultural custom.

What day is Mother's Day
What day is Mother’s Day
Mother's Day
Mother’s Day

It is the only holiday in Germany that always falls on a Sunday. Strictly speaking, however, it is not a public holiday. With the appointment on the second Sunday in May, Mothers’ Day is either before or after the Ascension of Christ.

When is Mother’s Day? In this article you will learn not only the date, but also more information about the origin, meaning and gifts.

Mother’s Day is a day in honor of mothers and motherhood. He has established himself in the Western world since 1914. In German-speaking countries and many other countries, it is celebrated in May. Here you will find everything about Mother’s Day 2023 and some information about the origin and meaning of the holiday. What gifts for Mother’s Day are common?

Date: When is Mother’s Day 2023 in Germany?
In Germany, Mother’s Day is traditionally celebrated on the second Sunday in May. In 2023, this is May 14th.

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