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What county is Yakima WA in

Yakima city is located Yakima County.

Mount Adams, Klickitat River and Yakima River define the 485,000-hectare Yakama Indian Reservation in south central Washington.

What county is Yakima WA in
What county is Yakima WA in

In the treaty of 1855. the Yakama-14 bands and tribes-ceded 4,600,000 hectares to the United States. The bands and tribes in the Yakama confederation are Kah-milt-pah, Klickitat, Klinquit, Kow-was-say-ee, Li-ay-was, Oche-chotes, Palouse, Pisquose, Se-ap-cat, Shyiks, Skinpah, Wenatshapam, Wishram and Yakama.

Today, representatives of each of these bands and tribes make up the Yakama Tribal Council. A general council includes all tribal members over the age of 18. In 1993, the Tribal Council voted to change the name of the tribe from “Yakima” to “Yakama”.

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