What county is Syracuse NY in | What County

What county is Syracuse NY in

Syracuse city is located Onondaga County. A few weeks ago we started a journey through what is an authentic beauty hidden in the state of New York, the small city of Syracuse. A visit that we wanted to link to one of its most illustrious inhabitants, Lyman Frank Baun, who obtained from his experiences in the City of Salt much of the material necessary to create his magical world of the country of Oz.

What county is Syracuse NY in
What county is Syracuse NY in

We enter its dazzling natural environment, both in the city and its surroundings, the state of New York that we recommend so many times. We knew the origin of his name, Italian, and his heart, Iroquois. We walk through its history and its link to the Erie Canal, a pharaonic work of engineering of the nineteenth century, as well as the current situation, its lights and some shadows.

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