What County is Stockton CA in | What County

What County is Stockton CA in

City is located in San Joaquin County, United States of America. Stockton is located 1 km from the University of the Pacific and 33 km from Overnight Camping. The nearest lake, Lodi Lake, e is 19 km away. The nearest beach, Niles beach, e is 75 km away.

The nearest museum, Children’s Museum of Stockton, e is 3 km away. The nearest park, New Chicago Marsh, e is 84 km away. The nearest castle, Fort Point National Historic Site, e is 104 km away. The nearest city, Lodi, e is 17 km away.

What County is Stockton CA in
What County is Stockton CA in

Stockton Location: Country United States, State California, County San Joaquin. Nearby cities and villages : Lodi and Lathrop.

Stockton, founded in 1849, is currently the thirteenth largest city in California, with a dynamic, multi-ethnic and multicultural population of over 300,000. It is mostly known for its piers, cultural events and festivals, as well as its farms and farmers markets.

It is located next to the canal of the San Joaquin River delta, which connects with the San Francisco Bay and the Sacramento and San Joaquin rivers. Stockton is located about 96.5 km east of the San Francisco Bay area, 133 km east of San Francisco and 72.4 km south of Sacramento, the capital of California.

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