What county is San Francisco in | What County

What county is San Francisco in

Which county does San Francisco belong to?

San Francisco is in California. San Francisco is the 13th largest in America. city San Francisco is the fourth largest city in the state of California. San Francisco is on the south coast of the state of California. It is surrounded by seas on three sides.

Alcatraz, Treasure, Farallon Islands, and Yerba Buena Island adjacent to the city are parts of San Francisco. The city contains various cultures. San Francisco has surprisingly managed to stick to its own self-culture. San Francisco has a population of 785,000. It is the second-busiest city after New York by the number of people per kilometer. American Indians first settled in this area known as San Francisco Bay 10,000 years ago. 19. after the century, due to various epidemics and wars between the natives and European settlers, the population of the natives here completely disappeared.

What county is San Francisco in
What county is San Francisco in

The first European to arrive in the area was the Spanish explorer Don Gaspar de Portola, who arrived in 1770. In addition to Europeans in the region, the Russians also formed colonies in the south of Northern California. Spanish activity in the region lost its influence when Mexico gained independence, and Mexico took over the region. But later, after the American Mexican wars of 1847, the region fell into American hands.

While a car is sorely needed in some cities in America, San Francisco is quite practical with the public transport it offers. Buses that reach almost everywhere, and especially BART (high-speed train), make people admire the level at which technology has come today.

BART is a light rail public transport service with 43 stations 167 kilometers long. With this transportation, the San Francisco Bay , Oakland, Berkeley , Daly City , Richmond , Fremont , Hayward , Walnut Creek , Concord and the cities of San Francisco International Airport Oakland International Airport AirBART buses you can reach by using and also.

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