What county is Provo UT in | What County

What county is Provo UT in

Provo city is located Utah County. City is located in Utah County, Utah, United States of America. Provo is located 1 km from Brigham Young University and 7 km from Hope Campground.

What county is Provo UT in
What county is Provo UT in

The nearest lake, Lake Old Mill Pool, e is 3 km away. The nearest beach, Vienyard Beach, e is 13 km away. The nearest museum, BYU Museum of Art, e is 1 km away. The nearest park, Mount Timpanogos Wilderness Area, e is 16 km away. The nearest castle, Hatfieldadelphia Castle, e is 12 km away. The nearest town, Orem, e is 7 km away.

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