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What County is Provincetown MA in

Locals call this magical place “The end of the earth,” and the rest of Americans like to think it’s true. With the people half-open or half-closed, their nickname takes on more meaning than ever.

The most touristy town in all of Cape Cod is probably its furthest point, Provincetown. A small fishing community of about 3,000 residents that welcomes in the summer approximately 60,000 inhabitants.

Popularly known as P-town, it is one of the 15 towns that make up Barnstable County, which is re-divided into four; the Upper Cape, Mid Cape, LowerCape and Outer Cape. Provincetown belongs to the Outer Cape along with Eastham, Wellfleet and the smallest town in all of Cape Cod, Truro.

If anything distinguishes this small town today it is its title as “the gayest city in America” and not by chance Massachusetts was the first state to allow gay marriage in the United States, although the first gay wedding was held in Cambridge city hall.

Provincetown Art Association and Museum

A cultural institution, known by its initials PAAM, was established in 1914 with the purpose of promoting Provincetown’s artistic community. Nationally recognized, here we can find from art exhibitions, to conferences, workshops and a wide variety of cultural events.

A priori, flipping through Joel Meyerowitz’s Provincetown book before visiting the coastal city for the first time, seems like a fabulous idea. A posteriori, it still is but with nuances. On the one hand, it encourages the desire to fable about the true essence of the place where the United States loses its name, but then there is the risk of disappointment at the excessive romanticization of the dream trip.

The 160 pages of the photo book summarize those eternal summers that will never return, and that the brilliant photographer sheds after wandering the sand dunes, the grassy beaches and the bustling docks in search of faces embellished by salt and sea breeze.

What County is Provincetown MA in
What County is Provincetown MA in

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