What county is Pine Bluff AR in | What County

What county is Pine Bluff AR in

Pine Bluff city is located Jefferson County.

City is located in Jefferson County, Arkansas, United States of America. Pine Bluff is located 64 km from the University of Arkansas At Little Rock (UALR) and 198 km from the Poverty Point Reservoir State Park Campground.

What county is Pine Bluff AR in
What county is Pine Bluff AR in

The nearest lake, Lake Pine Bluff, is 3 km away. The nearest beach, Aunts Creek Beach, is 303 km away. The nearest museum, Grant County Museum, is 38 km away. The nearest park, Panther Swamp National Wildlife Area, is 205 km away. The nearest castle, Ashler Hall (Prince Mongo’s Castle), is 210 km away. The nearest city, Stuttgart, I 53 km away.

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