What county is Paducah KY in | What County

What county is Paducah KY in

Paducah city is located McCracken County.

City is located in McCracken County, United States of America. Paducah is located 58 km from Murray State University and 31 km from Stagecoach Station Campground.

What county is Paducah KY in
What county is Paducah KY in

The nearest lake, Noble Park Lake, e is 2 km away. The nearest beach, Campground Beach, e is 77 km away. The nearest museum, The National Quilt Museum, e is 5 km away. The nearest park, Fern Rocks Nature Preserve, e is 78 km away. The nearest Castle, Ashler Hall (Prince Mongo’s Castle), e is 249 km away. The nearest city, Union Circle, e is 31 km away.

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