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What County is New Orleans Louisiana

Some say that New Orleans is the last city in the United States and the first in the Caribbean. In a country where all cities seem almost the same, New Orleans is different, it could be considered the only colonial city-or worthy of that qualification— in the whole country. Its originality has to do with its Spanish (300 years ago) and French origins, reflected in its original French Quarter, which, in reality, is the Spanish quarter, with tile signs in Castilian and recognizable Cadiz, even Habanero airs.

New Orleans is the capital of jazz and home to many of the greats of this rhythm inherited from black slaves, as well as a unique carnival in the world, Creole and Cajun food (the one that slaves ate), or voodoo. All this still claim for tourists. It is among the best American cities to enjoy live music and to get carried away on one of its crazy nights. Before, we propose a route to soak up your soul, with nine essential stops that culminate in your best jazz clubs.

The original city projected by the Spanish and, above all, by the French in the nineteenth century is what is known as Vieux Carré or French Quarter, whose nerve center is Royal Street, full of antique dealers, art galleries and wrought iron balconies brimming with ferns. It invites to be traveled by bicycle, stopping to chat with the people who walk under the porches. The street looks like a sort of nineteenth-century open-air shopping arcade, although the reality is much more artificial, as few neighbors already reside in the 13 blocks that make up the French Quarter. Behind many of these buildings are huge gardens and lush courtyards, which were once oasis to escape the hustle and bustle outside, and which today occupy the terraces of restaurants.

What County is New Orleans Louisiana
What County is New Orleans Louisiana

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