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What County is Nashville in

Nashville. It is the capital of the State of Tennessee, in the United States of America. It lies on the banks of the Cumberland River in Davidson County.

What County is Nashville in
What County is Nashville in

It is often referred to as “Music City USA”, (City of Music and/or as the capital of Westem Country Music) since Nashville has an important record industry. But since long before it has been called the “Athens of the South”, due to its educational institutions and its neoclassical architecture. The city of Nashville had a population of 619,626 (according to the United States Census bureau in 2007), making it the second largest city in Tennessee (behind Memphis). The population of the 13 surrounding counties, which make up what is known as the Nashville Metropolitan Area, is 1,521,437, making it the most populous metropolitan area in the state.Nashville is a major hub of the healthcare, music, book publishing and publishing, banking and Transportation Industry.

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