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What County is Muir Woods in

Muir Woods is one of Northern California’s best-known National Parks. Due to its importance it was declared a National Monument in 1908.

What County is Muir Woods in
What County is Muir Woods in

Located in Marin County, just 12 kilometers from San Francisco’s Golden Gate Bridge, Muir Woods is a 295-hectare forest filled with giant redwoods wrapped in a dreamy green landscape.

Muir Woods offers visitors the opportunity to walk along forest paths and paths observing giant redwoods that average 800 to 900 years old.

In the forest there are more than 6 kilometers of trails with different routes depending on the time you have. The most popular trails are the main trail, Dispea Trail and Ocean View Trail.

For each of the itineraries you only have to follow the paths marked on the map that will give you at the entrance.

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