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What county is Manhattan in

Manhattan is one of five boroughs of New York City and located New York County. Manhattan has a population of 1,643,734 and a land area of 22.83 miles.

About Manhattan

Manhattan is the heart of New York and the most affluent district. Manhattan is a temple of capitalism, where the rent for a single room can be around $ 5,000, and it is incredibly expensive to live. Manhattan is surrounded by the hudson river to the west and the east river to the East. At the same time in the south these two rivers merge under the name hudson river, widening and ultimately meeting the ocean. The north of Manhattan is surrounded by the harlem river and is therefore an island surrounded by rivers.

All streets and avenues in Manhattan are perpendicular or parallel to each other. So when you need to go to an address like 28th Street and 5th avenue, all you have to do is follow the street signs. The Manhattan subway network is vast. It is easy to use while getting a map or after having an app on the phone. It is sometimes confusing to handle trains with more than one name on the same line alone. Some of them are Express, and some have a different last stop.

You can have a business meeting in Manhattan, do your job in a government office, visit your doctor, go to Sports after work and have a picnic, visit a newly opened exhibition and go to a concert of a World Giant, eat Italian food in the morning, Cuba, noon, Thailand, and walk around. On the one hand, you can handle your bank transactions while shopping, as well as calmly read your book in this hustle and bustle, and you can do all this on a regular day on weekdays without being late for any of them.

Manhattan is a tiny island. This race is only a tiny island so College is so much color so much as the language of religion Museum, this is the company that this layout so much confusion, so much noise, so this theater this theater so much, so so so many people police car taxi tourists up the Greens a fit of steel and concrete structure it would have so much death in this life I guess.

Although the night population of Manhattan is around two million, the day population is eight million. Middle Eastern immigrants, millionaire Jews who don’t know how to write in the Latin alphabet, are actually fifteen minutes from Colombia by subway. When crossing the street, you don’t look at the lights, you look at whether the vehicle is coming. It is better for pedestrians to do so. Because taxi drivers and bike couriers also look at whether there are pedestrians coming and going from the road, not at the lights.

No matter where you come from in the world, No matter what religion or race you belong to, Manhattan is one of the beautiful places where humanity can feel at home, not in a strange foreign place, as soon as it steps on its feet. And it’s definitely not America, it’s not America. It can be addictive, you have to keep in mind…

There’s a New york City borough where you can feel capitalism to the bone. You encounter homeless people begging for 50 cents in front of a store where a bag sells for $ 2,000. You witness people’s struggle for life. No life is easy there.

But you feel alive. These difficulties make you feel it. Maybe that’s why people are addicted to life there. It’s like science. It’s hard, but it gives pleasure. you can’t explain why he likes what you enjoy, but that’s the way it is.

What county is manhattan in
What county is manhattan in

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