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What County is Long Beach CA in

Do you want to know all the species of animals that inhabit the Pacific, walk along the ancient Queen Mary, go in a Venetian gondola or visit kilometer beaches? All this and more is what Long Beach has to offer. Here’s detailed information on what to see and do in this beautiful city so close to Los Angeles.

That’s Long Beach: a city within a city. A place with a more relaxed pace and cadence of life than the busy L. A. This can be seen in its wide streets, in the speed at which the trams circulate, or in how people walk through the area of the port and the pier.

What County is Long Beach CA in
What County is Long Beach CA in

With beaches and recreational ports along the coast and a busy shopping and dining scene on downtown Pine Avenue, Long Beach combines the sophistication of a big city with the fun of a resort. Cruise the legendary permanently anchored cruise ship, Queen Mary, and then relax with a drink at the boat’s bar-you can even stay a night in one of the ship’s staterooms. Also along the coast, the magnificent Aquarium of the Pacific boasts huge tanks and displays with coral reefs, Magellanic penguins and other ocean habitats. If you’re looking for urban beach style, head to the Belmont Shore neighborhood. The East Village, where the Museum of Latin American Art is located, has a sophisticated and Bohemian vibe.

If you visit Long Beach you will discover a city full of interesting activities and events, apart from its famous beaches.

Founded in 1897, and inventor of Miss Universe, this city not only gained popularity for its beaches, but the city came alive when a major oil field was discovered very close to the city. Obviously, this finding caused a lot of people to move to the city in search of work. As a result, in a short time the inhabitants multiplied.

Modern and cosmopolitan, Long Beach is quieter than Los Angeles, and has its own lifestyle. This feature makes many travelers stay attached to the place. Long Beach stands out for its beaches, but it also has other tourist attractions that we detail below.

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