What County is Lewisville TX in | What County

What County is Lewisville TX in

City is located in Denton County, Texas, United States of America. Lewisville is located 14 km from Dallas Baptist University (DBU North) and 41 km from Camp Wisdom. The nearest lake, Bright Lake, e is 7 km away. The nearest beach, Lynn Creek Park Beach, e is 46 km away. The nearest museum, Boy Scouts of America National Museum, e is 18 km away. The nearest park, Lewisville Lake Environmental Learning Area, e is 3 km away. The nearest castle, Falkenstein Castle, e is 291 km away. The nearest city, Little Elm, e is 16 km away.

The city of Lewisville is in Texas TX (Dallas County, Denton County), United States. The satellite coordinates of Lewisville – (Dallas County, Denton County) are: latitude 33°2 ‘ 46 “N and longitude 96°59’ 39 ” W

What County is Lewisville TX in
What County is Lewisville TX in

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