What county is Lacey WA in | What County

What county is Lacey WA in

Lacey city is located Thurston County.

City is located in Thurston County, Washington, United States of America. Lacey is located 29 km from Pacific Lutheran University and 17 km from Millersylvania State Park Campground.

What county is Lacey WA in
What county is Lacey WA in

The nearest lake, Longs Pond, e is 1 km away. The nearest beach, Lyle Point, e is 12 km away. The nearest museum, Norm Dicks Visitor Center, e is 7 km away. The nearest park, Billy Frank, Junior Nisqually National Wildlife Refuge, e is 8 km away. The nearest Castle, Hatley Castle, e is 163 km away. The nearest town, Olympia, e is 8 km away.

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