What county is Kansas City KS in | What County

What county is Kansas City KS in

Kansas City city is located Wyandotte County.

What county is Kansas City KS in
What county is Kansas City KS in

Well, right in the Midwest, at the exact point where the Kansas and Missouri rivers meet. An enclave that, always, was very sweet commercially speaking. In fact, the origin of the current city was that, that of commercial settlement. It all began in 1830, when the merchant John McCoy joined with other colleagues in the town of Westport to request the government to create a port of its own on the banks of the Missouri River so as not to depend on the movement of goods from neighboring Independence. The land they craved had been bought months ago by the United States. to a French heir, hence they needed state support for such a ‘move’. Once settled there, they had to choose a name for the settlement. The chosen one was Kansas since, originally, the Kansas Indians had been the first inhabitants of the area and with this place name the whole area was already known since the creation of Louisiana two centuries ago.

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