What County is Jacksonville FL in | What County

What County is Jacksonville FL in

Jacksonville, Florida is a consolidated city-county in Duval County, Florida, United States. It is the county seat of Duval County.

Ossachite is the name given by anthropologists to the first human settlement in the area, now lower Jacksonville, such settlement dates from about 6,000 years before the present; such name comes from the language of the Timucua but it is unlikely that such an ethnic group already existed in such a remote time.

What County is Jacksonville FL in
What County is Jacksonville FL in

City is located in Florida, United States of America. Jacksonville is located 5 km from Jacksonville University and 60 km from Okefenokee Pastimes Campground. The nearest lake, Lake Valentine, e is 6 km away. The nearest beach, Kurzius Beach, e is 5 km away. The nearest museum, Ritz Theatre and Museum, e is 1 km away. The nearest park, Dutton Island Preserve, e is 22 km away. The nearest castle, Cinderella Castle, e is 213 km away. The nearest city, Jacksonville Beach, e is 28 km away.

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