What county is Franklin TN in | What County

What county is Franklin TN in

Franklin city is located Williamson County.

City is located in Williamson County, Tennessee, United States of America. Franklin is located 21 km from the Rec Center Campus and 57 km from the Camp Craig Staff Site.

What county is Franklin TN in
What county is Franklin TN in

The nearest lake, Pond at Harlinsdale Farm, e is 2 km away. The nearest beach, Swimming Area, e is 34 km away. The nearest museum, RCA Studio B, e is 26 km away. The nearest park, Monte Sano Nature Preserve, e is 135 km away. The nearest Castle, Ashler Hall (Prince Mongo’s Castle), e is 300 km away. The nearest town, Spring Hill, e is 21 km away.

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