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What County is Eureka CA in

Eureka city is located Humboldt County.

This lively port city is the largest coastal city between San Francisco and Portland, Oregon, and has a multi-personality charm: a sense of history in the beautifully restored Victorian old town, a still-functioning harbor where seafood fishing boats snort on the sheltered pier, trucks with logs rumbling across town, and an environmentally conscious college climate thanks to Humboldt State University in the nearby city of Arcata.

What County is Eureka CA in
What County is Eureka CA in

Hundreds of beautifully decorated nineteenth-century residences, such as the Carson Mansion, which is an example of Queen Anne architecture and currently houses a private club at the end of Second Street, reflect the prosperity of the early Eureka years, when wood was a big business. The whole city is a state historical landmark, a captivating mix of nature and culture with all the feeling of a small town.

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