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What County is Disneyland in

If you’re traveling to Los Angeles and want to see Disney characters come to life, head to the city of Anaheim, just half an hour from Los Angeles. In this town you will find Disneyland Anaheim and Disneyland Resort, a mega complex formed by two theme parks (Disneyland Park and Disney California Adventure) as well as a small town that is located between the two parks: Downtown Disney.

What County is Disneyland in
What County is Disneyland in

Within the enclosure there are 3 Disney hotels where you will have the opportunity to spend the night. Anyway, if you want to save money at Disney, you can find hotels much cheaper than practically next to the park, outside the enclosure. If you want to explore the possibility of staying outside the resort, we tell you where to stay in Anaheim here.

Like any other Disney resort in the world, Disneyland Anaheim receives millions of visitors every year, so it’s normal to find a lot of people and long lines to enter the park. Therefore, if you have the opportunity to visit Disney in low season you will enjoy the park much more. The most crowded times are the summer months, when most people have holidays.

If you’re wondering which parks to visit in Anaheim, we recommend both, as both are very interesting and different from each other. If that is not possible due to lack of time, another option is to spend one day in one park and another day in the other. The two parks are great and with a single day you will not have time to visit them whole, but at least you will have the opportunity to get a general idea of each. In any case, if on previous occasions you have already visited a Disney resort, we recommend you go directly to visit Disney California Adventure, since it is the most different compared to the others.

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