What county is Chino CA in | What County

What county is Chino CA in

Chino city is located San Bernardino County.

City is located in United States of America. Chino Hills is located 15 km from California State Polytechnic University, Pomona and 3 km from Rolling M Ranch Campground.

What county is Chino CA in
What county is Chino CA in

The nearest lake, Dos Lagos, e is 25 km away. The nearest beach, Newport Dune, e is 40 km away. The nearest museum, USA Yanks Air Museum, e is 8 km away. The nearest park, Quail Hill Open Space Preserve, e is 35 km away. The nearest castle, Arendelle Castle, e is 23 km away. The nearest city, Chino, e is 7 km away.

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