What County is Atlanta in

Georgia (State), a state located on the Atlantic coast of the United States, in the Southeast region; bordered to the north by Tennessee and North Carolina, to the East by South Carolina and the Atlantic Ocean, to the South by Florida, and to the West by Alabama.

Georgia joined the Union on January 2, 1788 as the fourth state. During the American Civil War, he was a member of the Confederate States of America. Georgia takes its name from King George II of Great Britain (in English, George II). Its main cities are Atlanta (the capital), Columbus, Savannah, Macon and Albany.

What county is Atlanta Georgia in?

With an area of 153,910 km2, the altitude of the territory of Georgia varies from sea level (along the Atlantic coast) to 1,458 m, which are reached at the top of the Brasstown Bald. Georgia comprises six distinct physiographic regions: the Atlantic coastal plain and the eastern coastal plain of the Gulf of Mexico to the south, the Piedmont plateau and Appalachian Mountains to the north, the Valley And Mountain Range region to the West, and the Cumberland Plateau to the northwest.

Although under the two coastal plains lie sedimentary beds of sand and clay (mud), the limestone constitutes the bedrock of a large part of the coastal plain of the Gulf of Mexico, which has numerous depressions called water-filled sinkholes, while the surface terrain or mulch of the Atlantic coastal plain is richer. The coast is dotted with numerous islands, marshes and swamps.

What county is Atlanta Georgia in
What county is Atlanta Georgia in
What County is Atlanta in
What County is Atlanta in

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