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What county is Anaheim CA in

Anaheim city is located Orange County. The city of Anaheim in California was founded by German immigrants in 1857 and owes its name to its proximity to the Santa Ana River and to the German word heim, which means “home”. Anaheim or the” Anne’s house ” soon became a production center for aircraft parts and canned fruit.

What county is Anaheim CA in
What county is Anaheim CA in

During the 1920s, this city located in Orange County, was considered by the Ku Klux Klan as a city-home. Currently, Anaheim is by its number of inhabitants, the tenth most important city in California and a great tourist and business center, where figures such as former president Richard Nixon, singer Gwen Stefani, Carl Karcher, founder of the restaurant chain Carl’s Junior and of course, the most famous and beloved of all: Mickey Mouse were born and grew up.

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