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What Animal is Goofy

It is not possible to call a single animal or a single species of animals stupid. Because often the strange behavior of animals has a deeper evolutionary sense, which has ensured the survival of the species to this day. From a human perspective, however, it is possible to list animals whose peculiarities seem to us more strange and illogical than the behavior of other animals.

What Animal is Goofy
What Animal is Goofy
Animal is Goofy
Animal is Goofy

Surely you have heard the insult “stupid ass” before. The fact that the donkey sometimes stubbornly and rooted stops and does not go a step further, but has nothing to do with little intelligence. Quite the contrary. Before donkeys run away, they stop and first take a closer look at a danger and then decide what to do.
An animal that is also often called stupid is the sloth. It moves so slowly that sometimes it confuses its own arm with a branch and falls to the ground. However, the slow movements have ensured the survival of the species. After all, there are many birds of prey, such as harpies, that perceive the movements of their prey. The slow tree dwellers are almost invisible to them.
An animal that is also considered less smart is the domesticated turkey. Due to a genetic defect, turkeys in captivity sometimes freeze with a view to the sky and an open beak. If it rains at such a moment, the turkey can drown. The blame for this is the overbreeding of man. This does not happen to wild turkeys.
Animals that have only a very small or even no brain, such as the starfish, are also often not credited with intelligence. But this is not right. Even without a brain, the starfish has a kind of environmental intelligence. For example, he recognizes relatives and communicates via neural networks.
Not necessarily one of the dumbest, but one of the ugliest animals in the world is considered the blob fish. To withstand the high pressure of the deep sea, he has a very soft body. If the fish is caught by deep-sea fishermen and brought to the surface, its body deforms into a misshapen balloon with glup eyes.

Charlie Brown, crouching on a tree trunk, ponders the question of when man has chosen the dog as his best friend. On the other side of the trunk – how could it be otherwise – his dog Snoopy is squatting with a biscuit in his paw and his thinking bubbles give the answer: “Since the invention of biscuits!«

What on the surface may sound just funny – even ridiculous to some – is actually one of those subversive dialogues typical of comic stories, because the little dog’s answer reverses the direction of thought by 180 degrees: while Charlie Brown – like most of us – assumes that man has chosen the dog as a faithful companion, Snoopy is sure that the initiative came from the dog in order to get the delicious cookies. In the typical comic exaggeration, it is claimed that the dog is actually the more intelligent being, which is not least proven by the fact that Charlie Brown does not even get the idea that it could also be the other way around. Now dog owners have always been convinced that they have an intelligent being at their side and can also provide a lot of observations. However, observations that could perhaps be made above all because humans see the dog exclusively as a living farm animal.

With other pets, this is already different, quite a few of them are almost standardly associated with the attribute “stupid”: “stupid sheep”, “stupid goat”, “stupid cow”, “stupid chicken” – only with the pig there is no need for such an additional disparagement, since the mere name is already discrimination enough. It’s just stupid that scientists have now found out that the chicken, for example, is anything but stupid, but shows a variety of abilities and behaviors that suggest considerable intelligence, and maybe even self-confidence. And the chicken is thus only at the temporary end of a chain of corresponding observations in other animals, which would actually be able to turn our image of the fellow creature animal upside down – similar to Charlie Brown: there are the raven birds, which not only have sophisticated strategies for foraging or defending their territories, but can also create tools for themselves and recognize themselves in a mirror. There are the hyenas in southern Africa, which – driven out of the savannah by humans – have changed their hunting and social behavior, indeed practically their entire way of life within one generation, from individual hunters to group hunters, from night to day-active animals, live in dunes and camouflage themselves with the “perfume” of algae against their sacrificial animals – including and especially changes that can only be explained with high intelligence.

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